Shauna Springer, Ph.D., completed her undergraduate at Harvard University and her doctoral degree at University of Florida. Known to many Veterans as "doc Springer," she has served as a front line mental health provider for hundreds of Veterans, helping them see their worth in the community, control that switch of rage, and most importantly helping her Veterans re-connect with their warrior family to build the hope to live for those who didn’t come home and those they fight for still. She has given countless hours of her life to see that our Veterans

stay in the fight for those they love.

(as written by Brian Vargas

Brian Vargas completed his undergraduate at UC Berkeley in 2016. Currently he is pursuing his Masters of Social Work (MSW), concentrating in Management and Planning at UC Berkeley. Prior to enrolling at Berkeley, he enlisted in the Marines as 0311, infantryman. In 2006, he deployed to Iraq with 3/4 Lima Co, knowing that the only way he would make it home was by trusting his team. On January 17, 2007, a sniper shot him and it forever changed his life. He was put in the Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, where he met some of his best friends, his team grew, and in July 2008 another shock came when one of those best friends lost his life to an impulsive firearm suicide. These events have led Brian to stay on mission, serving his fellow Veterans.

(as written by Shauna Springer)

Picture taken just after we first presented the Warrior Box concept on the local Television Program, Veterans Voices of Contra Costa County. 

With the enthusiastic support of our spouses, many encouraging friends and respected mentors, we are on mission together.