The Warrior Box Project is a mission in development, grounded by a bond of trust and a common goal shared by Shauna & Brian. This mission is dedicated to the brave men and women who wear a uniform and pledge to fight for those on their left and right, home and abroad.

 We believe that the same bonds of love that drive Veterans to risk their lives for the people and values they hold sacred can be deployed to help them stay in the good fight.

The Warrior Box is one part of a larger strategic plan that works within the cultural values and language common to many who have served in the military. Attempts to offer interventions in part (e.g. using the Warrior Box in isolation, and out of context of the full strategic plan) will weaken our attempts to make this as effective as we hope it can be.If you would like to support or partner with us in this work, we ask that you contact us to see how you can go on mission with us.